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Just Begin – Beachbody Journey

Looking for variety?

I have really enjoyed the ‘seven app’, but I have been looking around for something more varied and with scope for more of a challenge.  If exercise is to become a habit, it must be fun, otherwise it is so easy to give up!

I have been inspired by a friend on Facebook, Angelique Dorme who is a coach for Beachbody, and it continually astonishes me how committed and dedicated she is.  I have really enjoyed watching her journey and her honesty about life, she is a true inspiration!

There is a cost associated with joining Beachbody, but they do a 30 day free trial and so I have joined and am ready to get started on the exercise programmes!

Initially there was a bit of information and setting up to do, such as taking body measurements, weight, doing some basic exercises to measure current level of fitness, profile pictures, then its all about exploring the programmes and looking what is on offer.

They offer ‘Challenge Du Jour’ which is a selection of workouts from all the different programmes, so it seems like a really great way to get with started trying what is on offer, before committing to a programme.

This morning’s challenge was COMPLEX LOWER from p90x3 and this is how I got on…

It was a 30 minute programme, including warm up and cool down and was fab!! Difficult?…absolutely!! But as it is led by a trainer, they suggest modifications to make it easier and I did follow most of these.  Also, so much better to do a workout with a trainer as the motivation and guidance on how to do the moves properly is all given.

Absolutely loved day one of Beachbody and really looking forward to trying the other programmes!


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