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The power of group support

When I decided to start exercising (JUST BEGIN journey), I set off full of enthusiasm, commitment and energy.  However, in the back of my mind, I knew from previous experience that these feelings can soon wear off and motivation easily wanes. Life often gets in the way and before you know it, you fall back into old patterns.

I wondered how can this be counteracted and what would help to prevent this happening? Is there some way to stay motivated and on track?!! I needed to have some accountability and a reason to keep going through difficult times.

If I were to set up a group on facebook, could this help me and also others too?

Naturally the doubts set in and my instinct was that no-one would be interested or would want to join. Maybe my friends and family would think I had gone sightly crazy even! There is always an embarrassment and awkwardness with putting forward something you care about, because it comes with the associated worries of being judged and open to criticism.

Sometimes, however, you have to just close your eyes and jump, so before the inspiration had time to settle into doubts, I took the plunge and started a new group called JUST BEGIN and put out an invite for people to join.

To my surprise (and delight) there was a lot of interest and people joining, and now, more than a month later, it is a wonderful community…a place to swap ideas, celebrate achievements, share thoughts and provide encouragement.

Its so reassuring to know if I have a question, I can post in the group and there are people who are following a similar journey, who may have knowledge that they can share.

It has been a very positive experience and has absolutely kept me in the right mindset to continue on the journey and stay focused.

In all honesty, as expected, there have been days when I have felt less inclined to do any exercise, but knowing that the group support is there, I feel more committed to being accountable and sharing my journey.  This has definitely kept me going through the challenging times, when mental battles that can arise.

My hope is that the group is helping others in the same way it helps me, by providing inspiration, community spirit, even some blogs, health tips and recipes!!

You are most welcome to request to join the group HERE and share in our journey.  It is a closed group, so you can feel comfortable to post privately within the group, or just watch and take inspiration from the other group member posts.

If you have any thoughts or questions, I would love to hear from you and you can contact me HERE:



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