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Experimenting with Meal Preparation

When trying to add exercise into your life…doesn’t it naturally feel like the next thing you turn your thoughts to is food and nutrition?

Often if I come home after work, it is all too easy to make unhealthy food choices, especially if rushing out with the kids from one after school activity to another.  Or it’s a simple case of being all out of inspiration, after a busy day at work!!

With the Beachbody Hammer and Chisel exercise program I am following, I found a meal plan that you can use to ensure you get the right nutrition to support the exercise.  This seemed like a great idea and there is even an option to prepare a whole weeks worth of meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack & evening meal) on a Sunday to see you through the week.  Definitely worth a try!!

The plan was great as it included a shopping list for everything needed, so I could just buy the ingredients and get started.

On Sunday, I laid out all the ingredients and started the prep:

Putting it all together was a lot of work and took over two hours!! However, the end result of a whole week of prepared food, meant I saved time cooking in the week and had no excuse to eat rubbish!!


I was pretty concerned when I looked at the size of the portions, as they seemed a little smaller than I was hoping for and am used to having, but actually I need not have worried. All the meals were filling and because of having snacks between meals too, I didn’t find myself getting hungry.

Normally I have a smoothie for breakfast, but I loved the greek yogurt and fruit…delicious!

I added a teaspoon of chia and sunflower seeds as well, to add a bit of crunch and extra nutrition. A drizzle of honey or fruit puree is also well worth including.

The lunches and teas were all really tasty too, and I cooked with tofu for the first time ever!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By Friday, I can honestly say I was feeling a bit worried if the food would still be fresh enough to eat, as it was prepared the Sunday before, but actually it was all completely fine stored in the fridge.

The only slight problem was finding enough space in the fridge to store all the meals and containers!!

On reflection, I found this a really great way of sticking to plan and I enjoyed how easy it was during the week.  Two hours preparing food certainly isn’t my favourite way to spend a Sunday, so it may work better to prepare some meals for half the week, then prepare for the rest of the week on Wednesday evening.  That should make managing the fridge space easier too!!

Would love to hear if you have tried this…how has it worked for you and if you have any tips?

For more information, we have a wonderful community facebook group called JUST BEGIN, which offers support, encouragement, ideas, recipes and community spirit for anyone interested in fitness and improving their health.  Please request to join HERE or you can find out more information about the group HERE.








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