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Motivating home workouts – the easy solution for getting exercise DONE!

It has taken quite a while for me to get into exercising and I think I have always been waiting for the elusive ‘right moment’ to join a gym.  The reality is that I’ve just been making excuses and avoiding getting started!

So when I decided to commit to exercising, I knew it would need to be something that I could do at home. Getting out to the gym just seemed to be an obstacle, and I wasn’t sure I would make the most of the financial commitment either.

Initially I started using the ‘seven app challenge’, which is a series of exercises that can be done in seven minutes and this worked really well and I would definitely recommend this for starting out and a quick daily workout.

Since then, I have moved onto ‘Beachbody’ workouts as they are specific plans and offer much more variety.

Once I started the Beachbody workouts, I could see it would be good to invest in some basic equipment, so I got some 3kg & 5kg weights, a resistance band and a workout mat. This is all I have and certainly for now, it is plenty!!

They don’t take up much room at home and I can literally just wake up in the morning and go straight to my workout – get it done early in the day and then relax for the rest of the day, knowing that workout is DONE!!!

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If by chance I don’t manage to get the workout done in the morning, its fine because I can pick it up later in the evening. If I do an evening workout, it is quite good that the kids are around and they have even joined in occasionally!! So hopefully my enthusiasm for workouts and keeping healthy might influence the choices they are making too.

I realise that home workouts are not necessarily for everyone.  You may prefer to use gym equipment, which is difficult to provide at home, unless you have a home gym.  But if you have children at home, or find it difficult to get out to a gym or exercise classes, it is a perfect solution, which has definitely helped me stay on track.

Also, our Facebook support group JUST BEGIN, are a constant source of encouragement and inspiration, which really helps with keeping committed.

Would love to hear your thoughts on home exercise and if it is a solution that works for you?


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