How to fit exercise into a busy schedule around work and family?


There is so much access to exercise on YouTube and online, but sometimes it is all just a bit daunting and I’m not always sure where to start.

However, I recently discovered a phone app called ‘seven’, which is a 7 minute daily workout training challenge. Basically 12 exercises for 30 seconds, with a 10 second rest in between. It is also completely free!

This is a great option and fitting 7 minutes into my day somewhere seems pretty achievable!

Now, having tried this app, I absolutely love it!! It has been a great way to start working out – it does a full body workout program and is challenging enough, but also not too difficult for a new starter. Perfect!

Even after only doing these workouts for a short time, I can definitely feel myself finding it a bit easier everyday.

The free app also gives a ‘bootcamp workout’, which is higher intensity, but great for a bit more of a challenge! Or for variety you can select the ‘random’ option and the app will select a variety of the free exercise, which I find very important as I get bored far too easily!

The app details the number of calories used for each workout, and it is great to be able to track this daily and see how you are progressing.

There are some fantastic sounding programs, such as ‘Beach Body’, ‘Morning Wakeup’ and ‘Fat Burn’. These can be purchased through the app, but for now I am enjoying the free workouts to get started.

So this is my ‘Just Begin Challenge’.  I am committing to doing a workout for 6 days a week using the ‘seven’ app.

The thing I have found about exercise is that it is that it is very easy to give up, so I am looking for a way of connecting with others who, like me, are looking to get exercise into their life.  The more encouragement and accountability we have, the more likely we are to stay committed.  Who is in this with me?!!

I am starting a group on Facebook where we can encourage and support each other and I would love to welcome you to contact me, using the form below so you can join in this group challenge.